T and C Day 2 – A Day of Rest

Our first real day in T&C started out with us sleeping in to around 11!   We were greeted by this from our balcony:

Our agenda for the day was pretty extensive: hit the beach and go to dinner.  We headed on down the beach around 1, and grabbed a couple chairs and umbrella.  The weather was in the 80’s, humid, and it was mostly cloudy.   Generally the wind was calm but occasionally gusts would blow through.

The first thing that struck me about the beach is how white and fine the sand is.  It feels great on the feet.  After laying out for a bit, it was time to hit the water.  I was expecting the water to be bath tempature, but it was more like a warm swimming pool, which is actually better.  It provides a nice break from the heat.  Still very comfortable.  The water is extremely clear, you can walk out to your neck and still look down and see your feet just fine.  Here’s a pic where I’m above my waist and you can see how clear the water is:

It is tremendously relaxing to just hang out in the water here.  I am used to beaches where the water is either cold, or rough, but here it is neither.  In fact, I found it amusing that Heather had been looking forward to surfing, it would be pretty tough to do in the two inch waves here!  We had a good long time in the ocean until a few 3 inch white fish started swimming around us.  That sent Heather running for shore, but I hung out with them.  It reinforced my desire to get a snorkel to checkout the reefs and other fishies.

After our very ambitious day at the beach, it was time for dinner at 7 at Coco Bistro.  We caught a taxi over, which by the way, all the taxi’s here are really vans which takes some getting used to.  And there is no meter, they just have different flat fees for different distances that you trust is the right amount.  Anyway, the restaurant is considered one of the best on the island.  It is a really cool setting, as you sit outside in a courtyard ringed by palms.  The wait staff is what you would picture, very friendly with an island accent, a mix of English and French.   Dinner was excellent, I had the conch (pronounced “conk”) ravioli and Heather had the seafood pasta.  Many thanks to Tim & Mirjam for sponsoring us for this delicious meal, it was great!

After dinner, it was back to the hotel and an early bedtime.  All this relaxation can be tiring!

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One Response to T and C Day 2 – A Day of Rest

  1. Mirjam says:

    Yeah! You guys look so relaxed! This blog is so much fun. So glad you liked Coco Bistro. We put in a special request to make the ravioli and pasta extra delicious 🙂 Excited to read about day 4 and 5 in the next few minutes. I’ve just now had a chance to follow your blog (great idea!) for the first time since we got back. Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon!! Mirjam (& Tim)

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