Turks and Caicos Day 1: Getting There

Hello from Turks and Caicos!

I thought I would keep a daily blog of our honeymoon trip to T&C.  Mostly to help Heather and I remember this great trip and time in our lives, but if anyone wants to follow along, even better!

I thought I would start by getting everyone caught up from the wedding to where we are now!   It was really just an incredible, awesome experience, the best of my life.  I could write a whole separate chapter about it, and I probably will, but suffice it to say that we are so thankful to be married, and especially so thankful to all of our friends and family who helped make it possible, whether at the wedding in body or in spirit.  Here’s a link to some pictures from the wedding along with a video (scroll to the bottom of the page): http://www.bluephoto.biz/blog/2012/08/san-luis-obispo-wedding-photography-heather-and-kelly-weddings/

The day after the wedding was great, going around Avila Beach and bumping into all of our wedding guests before they hit the road.  We got coffee at Joe Momma’s and breakfast burritos at Avila Grocery, our favorite thing to do.  We then hung out on the beach with Kevin and Christi for the afternoon, and then a nice relaxing dinner in our room with Kris and Sammi, who were staying that night.  I wish I could say I got a good night’s sleep, but I would wake up and start thinking about all of the great things about the wedding and wouldn’t be able to sleep.  Generally I have trouble sleeping due to stress, not happiness!

Monday was our day to pack up and drive home.  Heather’s mom & Dick, and her dad and Lisa hung out with us as we packed up our room (no small feat).  Her dad brought over a frozen batch of his world famous spaghetti sauce for us to take home.  They also brought their four dogs along which was fun.  We got packed up and then headed over to Alex at Avila Beach Golf Resort to pick up items from the reception (she was great with all she did for the wedding).  By this time, the FJ cruiser was packed to the gills, I don’t think we could have fit anything else (see pic).

We had a quick visit with Rabbi Jayne prior to heading out and gave her the marriage license to sign and file for us to make it official.  Rabbi Jayne said our wedding was one of the top 3 she had done which we took as a tremendous complement.  She also told us of her stress of having just done a couple of funerals that week and how life is precious and short so that we should enjoy it.  A very good reminder.

We were then on the road back to SF for a nice, if exhausted, drive back.  We picked up Brady from the dog boarder, and Heather was thrilled to see him again (as I was).  Then back to the house and unload the FJ cruiser, but not unpack everything, and then to bed.  The rest of the week was pretty much a blur, as I was working a lot of hours on a potential M&A deal.  No relaxation yet!

Saturday quickly arrived with the alarm clock going off at 3:30 am, and we were up and off to the airport.  The airport was surprisingly busy at 5am on a Saturday, but we got checked in quickly thanks to our priority access, and thanks to Karen’s parents, Eldon and Nancy.  They very generously gave us the plane tickets for our honeymoon so we owe the incredible view I have as I write this to them, and we are very very appreciative.

Our 5 hour flight to Miami was pretty smooth, though we did have to circle for 15 minutes before landing while a storm passed through, which is common for this time of year.  We then had 4 hours in the Miami airport where we got lunch at Don Shula’s restaurant, and I spent my time furiously wrapping up work items (which I will not be doing this week).   We then took off on a full 737 to T&C and landed just before 9.  Our flight over was fun as we could see so many different islands out the window, and the water was a cool aqua green.  Landing wasn’t quite as fun as it was pitch black and we went through a couple of clouds that were like riding a roller coaster.  You always know it’s a bumpy ride when you land and everyone starts clapping!

The weather when we landed was around 85, and humid, which is very normal for this time of year.   We were quickly through customs and caught a taxi van over to our hotel (only $11 each!).  We checked in to the hotel, well actually a resort named the Alexandra.  This was a time of trepidation for me, a) because I wasn’t sure how nice the rooms would be, and b) I had procrastinated and didn’t call and get a beachfront room reserved.  Well good news on both fronts, they gave us a 4th floor, beautiful room with a fantastic view over the beach.  And the room, or really a suite, was recently redone, and the bed was very comfortable (a very important requirement for Heather).  So phew, I got lucky!  And speaking of lucky, I should take this opportunity for thanking my folks, Roger & Synoia, for their generosity in donating the room for us.  It really is spectacular (pics to come later).

By now though, it was almost 10pm, so we hustled down to the resort’s restaurant, the Mango Reef, before it closed and had an awesome dinner basically on the beach.  I had a mahi mahi crab crusted entree that was great, and Heather had a vegetable curry that she said was the best she has had (see pics below).  We have Chris to thank for the dinner and his very generous donation for us to the Mango Reef restaurant (we’ll be having several more meals there on him).

Back to the room to pass out, we have been going non-stop since weeks before the wedding, so can’t describe how great of a feeling it is to go to bed not feeling like anything has to get done!  It has been a while for me, with wedding, cpa exam studying, looking for work, and M&A stuff, and for Heather with wedding and work, that we have felt that we can just kick back, relax and do nothing!   So good night, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!


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One Response to Turks and Caicos Day 1: Getting There

  1. Emily says:

    That’s awesome you guys! I didn’t know you had a blog! Have a wonderful honeymoon!!!
    See you when you get back!

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